MacNeil Shellfish – Wild, creel caught, sustainable
& delicious Scottish shellfish.



Sourcing the finest quality, live shellfish, from crystal clear Hebridean Oceans.

MacNeil Shellfish consistently sources wild shellfish from crystal clear Hebridean seas of Scotland built on two generations of shellfish husbandry and export logistics.

We are passionate about sourcing live shellfish in ethical, healthy and ecologically friendly ways. All of our shellfish is creel caught. This method of catching wild shellfish ensures there is no damage to the shellfish or seabed. Everything placed on the market by MacNeil Shellfish is fresh and completely wild.

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Our wild live shellfish range, from the coastline of Scotland, distributed around the world.

Brown Crab


Velvet Crab


The MacNeil Shellfish quality promise: Creel caught, wild, sustainable and delicious!


Creel Caught Shellfish


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Environmentally Conscious

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Sustainable Fishing

Our rich heritage & community.

In 2012, Michael and Amber started their own business, MacNeil Shellfish Ltd, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, experience, as well as strong connections with family, friends, independent fishermen and agents. Starting MacNeil Shellfish enabled Michael and Amber to combine all of their passion, knowledge and experience to build a business that is innovative, enterprising and sustainable.

We are an ambitious family-run business that works hard with local fishing communities, ensuring our work generates employment and boosts rural island economies. Most of our shellfish are sourced from the West Coast of Scotland. This is an ideal location for shellfish due to its plentiful feeding grounds and well-developed ecosystem heated by the Gulf Stream. We also source shellfish from Orkney and other parts of Scotland, so adverse weather conditions in one area mean we still have steady sources elsewhere unaffected by the weather. We pride ourselves on our ability to be a constant and reliable source.

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