2024 Updates

Bilbao Expansion

In a strategic move to scale our operations and solidify our position in the European market, we opened our cutting-edge distribution hub in Bilbao, Spain this year. This expansion marks a significant milestone for our family-operated enterprise as we strive for commitment to quality and sustainability.

We’ve joined forces with Mariscos Ansomar and Fishellnorth to develop a 3000 square metre facility designed to propel our company into its next growth phase. This state-of-the-art hub is set to enhance our operational efficiency, increase our market share, and significantly boost our distribution capabilities across Spain, Portugal, and the broader European continent.

To find out more, click here to read our article with The Herald Scotland on our new venture.

2019 Updates


MacNeil has formed a joint venture, MacMar, which launches our purpose built 19 metre vivier crab vessel AMBERLISA in May 2019.

AMBERLISA is built for brown crab and lobster fishing in Scotland bringing additional supply to MacNeil.  In-built vivier holding tanks allow for crab to be kept in optimum condition so is premium quality when landed ashore.  Vivier tanks are  a combined seawater circulation and aeration system. The vessel is designed with a full shelter deck.

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Processing and Export Centre

MacNeil is delighted to announce the opening of it’s specially designed live shellfish holding and processing centre in Larkhall, Glasgow.

The new Larkhall facility will maximise traceability and provenance of our shellfish.

The capacity is 210,000 litre seawater storage capacity.

Temperature control is provided by high capacity chilling systems through which water is pumped, and the same pumping operation passes seawater through filtration systems to maintain the highest quality.

Our systems use a combination of high-pressure water pumps and algae scrubbers as filters, instead of mechanical filters and chemicals.

An algae scrubber filters water by moving water rapidly over a rough, highly illuminated surface, which causes algae to start growing in large amounts. As the algae grow, they consume nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, nitrite, ammonia, ammonium and metals such as copper from the water.

The systems being installed comprise an integrated and bespoke filtration system comprising bed biofilter, protein skimmer, ultraviolet steriliser, charcoal filter and algal scrubber, together with pumps and control systems.

front view of macneill processing centre
side view of macneill processing centre