About MacNeil Shellfish

Michael and Amber have lived their lives around the shellfish and the seafood industry, growing up in fishing communities where both of their fathers were shellfish merchants.

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Michael has been involved in the catching, selling and exporting of shellfish from a young age on the Isle of Barra in The Outer Hebrides.  Developing a love of the design of vivier systems (aeriated sea water systems used for holding and transportation of live shellfish). Michael has grown his expertise in export logistics to become a UK leader.

Amber spent her childhood and summers home from university working on the Islands of Mull & Iona working with fishermen to land daily catches for export and sale in the UK.  Amber returned to Mull to work in her brother’s shellfish business building experience with business development skills.

In 2012, Michael and Amber launched MacNeil Shellfish – leading a team rich in experience and talent dedicated to developing a comprehensive shellfish merchant business. Working together with fishermen and independent agents from mainland and island coastal fishing communities of Scotland is key to delivering shellfish demands timeously.  Our ethos centres on the sustainability of the industry. We work with fishing boats and methods that are responsible, sustainable and continues to support next generations.

Continuity of supply is the biggest challenge today. MacNeil Shellfish, have strong relationships with independent fishermen across Scotland and the UK enabling us to keep our shellfish supply dependable and plentiful.

Michael MacNeil

Shellfish.  We understand it.  We live it.

MacNeil Shellfish are passionate about sourcing live shellfish in ethical, healthy and ecologically friendly ways. All of our shellfish is creel caught. This method of catching wild shellfish ensures there is no damage to the shellfish or seabed. Everything placed on the market by MacNeil Shellfish is completely wild.

The transportation of our shellfish is just as important to us as sourcing it. MacNeil Shellfish are leaders in our field when it comes to handling our products. Our shellfish is freighted by road to markets throughout the UK and Europe with care and dependability. Shellfish is transported in lorries equipped with MacNeil’s original Vivier Systems which pump air into aeriated tanks of temperature controlled seawater to keep the shellfish in the best possible condition. Our team is fully trained and highly skilled making regular checks on the shellfish throughout their journey to market. We take a huge amount of pride in producing the best quality of wild shellfish. Our experience and the quality of our suppliers, who share the same passion for quality shellfish as ourselves, make us a reliable and premium source.

Development of a purpose-built vivier facility in Larkhall, Central Scotland will now enable MacNeil to support the fishing communities of Scotland land their catch more often to send shellfish to customers in new world markets by air freight. Fresh and frozen shellfish will soon be available.

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