Sustainable Fishing

Creel fishing is simple.

The fisherman and crew sink a fleet of creels onto the seabed usually near rocky underwater outcrops.  Bait is secured into the creel to entice the wild lobsters, crabs or langoustines in via the opening in the net frame. Herring or mackerel is typically used for bait.  The fishermen leave their fleet of creels then return to haul and land their catch to our team on the pier. There is no unwanted by-catch or damage to the seabed.

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Continuity of supply is the biggest challenge today.  Catches are seasonal and dependant on weather systems.  MacNeil sources shellfish from every coastline of Scotland to ensure that continuity of supply is as consistent as possible.  

All of our crabs, lobsters and prawns/langoustines are hand selected to ensure any young or berried catch are returned to sea to breed further stocks.  

Holding and transportation of our shellfish is as important as the fishing technique. We understand how to handle our shellfish. We design and build our own seawater vivier systems to ensure the catch is presented in premium condition.

All of our shellfish is wild caught and wholly sustainable.

Amber Knight

Our experience and the quality of our suppliers, who share the same passion for quality shellfish as ourselves, make us a reliable and premium source for live shellfish.

Michael MacNeil